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The AISRP Code and Algorithm Library
The AISRP Code and Algorithm Library is maintained and supported by the NASA Applied Information Science Research Program for use by the general scientific community. It is intended to serve as a public library, archive, and distribution center for code, algorithm descriptions, software packages, and associated literature and documentation. It can also be used as a distribution center for small sample data sets for the evaluation, demonstration, comparison, and test of different analysis code. This site consists of two facilities: a Download Server via which user can download material from the library, and an Upload Server via which users can upload material to the library. The Download Server is avaliable without restrictions. To use the Upload Server, we request that users open an account to provide the associated contact information, etc. This can be handled via the server.

What this site is:
  • A public archive and library.
  • For use by the general scientific community
  • For the storage of code, algorithm descriptions, documentation, sample data sets, and examples.
  • A means to make code and algorithms developed by individual investigators available to the wider community.
What this site is not:
  • This site is not a code development facility analgous to SourceForge.
  • This site does not have provisions for configuration managment and control.

We would welcome comments, recommendations, and suggestions. We would also welcome links, submissions, and material. If you have any comments or suggestions please communicate directly with the facility manager: Paul R. Gazis

About the AISRP
The purpose of NASA's Applied Information Systems Research (AISR) Program is to exploit advances in information science and technology to enhance space science productivity from NASA's space flight missions sponsored by the Office of Space Science (OSS). AISR funds the application of emerging information technologies, concepts, methodologies, etc. to demonstrate their feasibility and potential science return, as well as informing missions and research disciplines of promising techniques and capabilities worthy of broader application and/or further development through full maturity.

The specific goals of the AISR program are to:

  • Investigate novel information technologies and computational methods that have the potential to increase productivity of the OSS research and/or education and public outreach endeavors, and which would extend the state-of-the-practice in space science;
  • Demonstrate the degree of relevance, applicability, and potential impact of emerging information technologies to OSS missions and programs;
  • Foster interdisciplinary collaborations that span the space science and computer science disciplines
The AISR program seeks innovative ideas for uses of information technology to increase life cycle effectiveness and efficiency of the OSS research endeavor across all of its science themes. For a complete description of the AISR program, as well as a list of past and current awards and future research opportunities, see the AISRP Program Site.

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